David Modic

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His research interests (from vanity page):

At the moment I am involved in several projects connected with online deception, psychology of persuasion, Internet fraud and anti-malware initiatives.
As of 2013, I am working on research contributing to two grants. The PI for both is prof. Ross Anderson from the Cambridge Computer Lab. 
1. Deterrence of Deception
I am interested in developing robust experimental framework, which will initially be good at detecting and encouraging deceptive actions and once this framework is established, I will utilize it to frame deception in a way that would increase resistance to deception.
2. Malware and deterrence
I am interested in various anti-malware mechanisms and the psychology behind improving them, i.e. salient psychological mechanisms contributing to resistive actions in malware.
3. Psychology of Persuasion, mainly in connection with fraud
I am looking into social psychological factors that are salient in increasing compliance across contexts. This part of my research includes a development of a reliable, validated and robust psychometric scale measuring susceptibility to persuasion. This scale is applicable across contexts.


research associate (postdoc)