I. Chetty: iIIRG Keynote talk

Talk / lecture
child pornography
child advocacy
layman perspective
Chetty, I. (2013). The depravity of children pornography (keynote talk). Paper presented at the iIIRG 2013, Maastricht, NL. keynote talk retrieved from
Summary / Abstract: 

Notes: iIIRG first keynote. Notable lit: Max Taylor & Ethel Quayle (2003). Child Pornography: An Internet Crime.Brunner-routledge. 1984: Thea Pumbroek was found dead of a cocaine overdose in Amsterdam. She died in the middle of a porn shoot. She featured in many videos. At the time of her death she was six years old. In the law enforcement community the term child pornography is not seen as a standalone term, but as a combination of children and pornography. The keynote speaker compares this attitude to having a babyshower by putting a pregnant woman in the bath and opening the tap. CP is a specific crime apart from pornography in general.

A photograph is shown of an attempt to orally rape a newborn child while it is still attached by an umbilical cord to their mother. www.tribune.ie/news/articles/2010/june/27 


Speaker: Mr. Iyavar Chetty, KINSA, South Africa