Sophie van der Zee

Biography (short): 


  • Currently I am involved in a 2-year project on the deterrence of deception in socio-technical systems. This project is a collaboration between psychology and computing researchers from Cambridge, Portsmouth, Newcastle and University College London. My first contribution to this project will be centered around the impact of one's perception of justness on both lie tendency and lie characteristics. Additionally, I'm involved in two projects regarding eye tracking & deception and phishing attempts through letting advertisements. 


  • My background is in social and forensic psychology. During my PhD I was able to combine these two fields by investigating how lying affects interpersonal processes. More specifically, I looked into differences in the natural occurrence of nonverbal mimicry between truth tellers and liars in face-to-face interviews. Mimicry occurrence turned out to be mediated by cognitive load, which led us to look at other cognitive load imposing factors such as second language use, cross-cultural interactions and different types of interview style. Mimicry was precisely and objectively measured with the use of 2 full-body motion capture suits. 


research associate (postdoc)
Forensic Psychology
Motion Capture
Human Interaction
Nonverbal Behavior